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Go to International Trade and Legal Aspects

International Trade and Legal Aspects

According to law, a contract has an international reach when it involves the interests of international trade, i.e. any business transaction involving.


Go to International Judicial Law

International Judicial Law

When there is an international element in a civil, criminal or administrative trial (in the broad sense, including the independent administrative authorities)…

Go to Law of the Sea and Landlocked States

Law of the Sea and Landlocked States

The law of offshore activities relates primarily to the maritime law and the law of the sea. Maritime law is the law of matters, activities and events related to the sea…

Go to International Economy

International Economy

This course will begin with referencing rules and notions common to economics courses. The specifics of international trade and dispute resolution.

Go to International Finance

International Finance

Finance is a branch of economics that deals with the management of money.

International finance studies capital flow between countries.

This field of finance can be divided into two branches of study: international economics (which takes into account the exchange rate…

Go to Operation of International Organizations

Operation of International Organizations

One of the most striking aspects of contemporary international relations is the growing role played by international organizations in the cooperation established between countries to address common problems…

Go to Geopolitics and International Strategy

Geopolitics and International Strategy

Geopolitics studies, according to a traditional definition, is the impact of geography on the relations between states and between major economic interests and….

Go to History of Political Ideas

History of Political Ideas

The study of any social science is impossible without an understanding of the historical evolution of the subject. The political institutions and systems of political behavior which we observe today are a result of evolution of centuries. A political theorist needs to study history to understand this evolution…

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