17 October, 2018


Brussels, NATO headquarters

Brussels, seat of the European Institutions

Brussels, Brussels first city of lobbying with Washington.

So many opportunities in this city with unprecedented international reach where all the world’s languages are daily spoken, where all diplomatic missions are represented, where all economic, social and political lobby groups, strive to amend international laws in matters that affect them!

The Vasco da Gama Institute wanted to make its mark in this international environment and enjoy its rich culture by founding there the first school of diplomacy and international relations.

The founders as well as the lecturers of the Institute have all gained many international experiences in the diplomatic community, the business world and the academic professorship on all seven continents.
The program is designed for the student to be able to examine and understand the complexities and processes involved in the relationships between international governance institutions. Students thus develop analytical and practical skills within a complex and globalized world; they explore the political dynamics influencing the cooperation between states and evaluate the specific role played by international organizations.

Finally, the Vasco da Gama Institute’s core purpose beyond the purely technical training is to encourage the curiosity of its students and to stimulate their interest and expand their perspective over the surrounding world… in the footsteps of the humanist Montaigne when he stated in the wake of the great discoveries: “Our world has lately discovered another.” (The Essays, III, 6, 1423)

Who can apply


You, students from all regions who plan to pursue a diplomatic career, have interests in foreign affairs, or become ambitious for the management of multinational corporations. You, people who have experience in other social fields but want a change of career to diplomatic and political work. You, incumbents who have started diplomatic career in Africa and America but need a further systematical training. And you, civil servants from different government departments who want to improve their capacity to deal with diplomatic affairs and public affairs. You are whole-heartedly welcome!   Vasco Da Gama European Institute of Diplomacy and International Relations intends to offer you a variety of courses in forms of full-time enrolment, evening school and online education. You certainly need to be financially prepared for a successful completion of a systematic study of 1-4 years.
Meanwhile, Vasco Da Gama European Institute of Diplomacy and International Relations train senior management personnels with diplomatic skills for multinational companies or for companies with expatriate executives in need.