27 October, 2018

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English TeachersWanted for a One-Year Oral English Class project in China.



Project background: Vasco da Gama European Institute of Diplomacy and International Relations established the FEEL THE WORLD project in China together with Feel the World International Education Foundation. The core purpose is focus on education, educational exchanges, cultural exchanges, information technology, teaching material research and development. Based on our investigation and research, we decided to launch a project of Oral English Class. We have our own language centers and partnership kindgardens in different cities of China. We are looking for people who can speak English fluently, who are willing to stay in China for minimum one year or are already in China, willing to be our English teacher for the purpuse.

Where to teach:  Global Network International Education European Language Center, each center is about 100-1000㎡

At present:

  1. Nanjing city, Jiangsu Province, capital city of Jiangsu province.
  2. Suqian city, Jiangsu Province, Hometown of Xiang Yu (232BC―202BC)
  3. HuaiAn city, Jiangsu province, hometown of our first Prime Minister, Mr. Zhou Enlai.
  4. Xuzhou city, Jiangsu Province
  5. Bengbu city, AnHui province

Future: exchange in our different Language Centers located in different cities.

When: from October, 2018, always wanted

How many: >20, always wanted, more are welcome

How Long: Each term of intensive course will last 12 months, you may apply for a longer term if you wish.


Your Mission: Teaching Oral English (grammar is required) class to Chinese students from 2-15 years old in the Global Network International Education European Language Center, as well as adults, 1-25 students/class, about 8 hours per day working hours, 12 months/term.


Cost and Benefit: 

  1. You will receive: monthly guaranteed salary 10000-20000 Yuan RMB (based on your profile), renewal bonus is possible.
  2. Your accommodation cost will be paid by the organizer, excluding your personal charge of the apartment.
  3. One round flight ticket between your country and China will be paid by the organizer.
  4. Your medical insurance will be covered by the organizer.
  5. The organizer will help you find the apartment in your working city.
  6. The organizer will assist you to arrange your city trips in China if you would like to spend your holidays in China.
  7. The organizer will assist you to arrange your Chinese course if you would like to learn Chinese.


Qualification: Fluent in English; major in linguistics / teaching / education / philosophy / sociology, good communication skills; patience with the young students; interesting and vivid teaching method, can accept travelling. English teaching certificate is required. Non-native speaker need the related education and working background.


If you are interested in this program, please send your cv, photo, your teacher certificate, your working proof to the following email address:

Sherry Zhao: